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Aryzon AR Studio - Verken duizenden 3D modellen in je eigen omgeving.

Aryzon AR Studio - Explore thousands of 3D models in Augmented Reality!

In innovation education technology plays a crucial part to make every student ready for the future. Augmented Reality will play a tremendous part in this, as everyone will at some point be using it. Aryzon helps in the first steps to make this technology accessible.

Do you as teacher want to know more about the infinite possibilities of the Aryzon solutions? Or do you think as innovative mastermind that your school absolutely could use the Aryzon AR Headsets? Or perhaps you want a workshop to help with the first steps? The investment in hardware, software and the link with current lectures should be carefully made with a proper planning. Do you have interest or need help with this? 

Then definitely contact Leon Schipper via leon@aryzon.com for more informatie!

3D Augmented Reality with the Aryzon Headset

Take education to a next level with the Aryzon Headset. Import any 3D model in the Aryzon AR Studio app and let students explore them in an appealing way. By using 3D Augmented Reality the students will better recall the content.

When do you start teaching with holograms?

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