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with world's first 3D AR cardboard.

World's first affordable AR headset.

3D AR for everyone

A woman looking through the Aryzon 3D augmented reality headset and pointing at what she is seeing.

Excite your imagination with Augmented Reality.

With the Aryzon headset we want to disrupt the existing market of AR devices by offering an affordable alternative. With this headset, we aim to make 3D AR available for everyone who owns a smartphone to develop, experience and enjoy augmented reality.

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AR Headsets

Aryzon Original


The original Aryzon headset, your AR device.

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Hands-free


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Space Pack


Get into the space, with this special pack!

  • The original Aryzon headset

  • AR Studio Premium

  • Exclusive content


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Aryzon Pop-Up


Your AR experience even cheaper and simpler

  • Fast

  • Cheap

  • Simple


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Merging the digital and real world.

The moon revolving around the earth in 3D augmented reality
A 3D augmented reality human body model where the muscles are visible. The model is lying on an operating table.
An exploded view of a Lego spaceship in 3D augmented reality.

Making 3D Augmented Reality available to anyone.

3D AR is new, it's mindblowing and magical. And we want anyone to be able to experience this magical world.

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The Aryzon headset

Aryzon Original

The original Aryzon Headset.
Durable, comfortable and quality.

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Space edition

+ exclusive content

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Easy and quick.

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Hard & Software features

Aryzon FOV

The Field of View of the headset is 35° x 20°, which means that it's slightly better than the FOV of the Microsoft Hololens (30° x 17°)


The headset supports all phones that allow to run ARKit & ARCore

Aryzon SDK

The Aryzon Software Development Kit is completely free and open-source

Aryzon Headstrap

The headset comes with a nice headstrap that makes sure that you're free to move around without all the hassle

Aryzon Foam Cushion

A foam cushion offers comfort to your face while you can enjoy your AR experience

Aryzon Hand Gesture

The combination of the headstrap and the foam cushion empower a handsfree experience

Aryzon Google Poly

The Aryzon App has Google Poly integration as a built-in feature, which allows you to directly import any Poly model into the scene

Aryzon Affordable

Our goal is to make 3D AR accessible to anyone. Therefore we aim to keep the price as low as possible

Aryzon Model Importer

Aryzon's 3D AR Model Importer App let's you import your own models so you can view them in 3D AR.

Telling visual stories for your business.

3D augmented reality allows you to convey your message in a way that customers will remember.

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A man using the Aryzon headset, holding the Aryzon marker in his left hand. A 3D Augmented Reality model of the earth appears on the marker.