Application User Guide

This guide will aid in the first time use of the 3D Aryzon App.

When you launch the app for the first time, you need an internet connection. There are two scenarios that you may find yourself in.

The first one is that your phone’s camera placement has been recorded in our database and the app will calibrate the AR experiences to that camera location, in this case you can move on to the following steps.

If your smartphone’s camera location is not in our database you will see this screen (1). Please follow the instructions on screen to continue. Tap ‘Done’, when you have selected your camera placement zone.

Then you will find instructional videos on how to assemble your Aryzon headset. These can later be found under ‘Settings’ (2) ‘Folding Instructions’ (3) or in the folding manual (also available on this webpage). It is strongly advised to have your headset built before continuing with this guide.

- Stable Internet Connection (Preferably WIFI)
- Enable Auto-Rotation on your Smartphone
- White Aryzon Marker
- Aryzon AR Headset

1. Guide to first time use

In the app you will find a number of experiences & mini-games. These can be revealed by tapping or swiping up on the home screen. Please select (tap) the experience you would like to see in  AR.

Each experience has an information page where the details of developers and the relevant information can be found. To launch into the AR experience just tap ‘LAUNCH APPLICATION’.

The first time you launch an application, you will be prompted to select the type of lenses that your headset has. This is either the Square type lenses or Rounded type lenses. Generally these will be the Square lense type (4).

Now it is time to enter augmented reality. Just put your smartphone horizontally into the Aryzon headset. This is the time to make sure that the cardboard does not cover your rear facing camera. The camera should have a clear & unobstructed view of what is in front of it. When you launch the app for the first time you will automatically be seeing the AR tutorial.

Special Note: If you exit the tutorial it can be found in the ‘Settings’ Menu.

Make sure you have your ‘White Target Marker’ ready, but out of view (of your smartphone camera) until prompted by the tutorial to find it. You will be seeing something similar to screenshot 5.

Please view the AR tutorial with your headset on, if you cannot read the text in Augmented Reality because you are seeing double or out of focus then remove your phone from the headset and check that you have properly built the Aryzon headset and that the protective film is removed from both the visor and mirror. If this is the case and you are still seeing the AR content out of focus or double, then skip to section 2 “Seeing Double”.

Follow the tutorial and when prompted please locate and look at your White Target Marker. Make sure this circular disc is well lit and fully visible to your smartphone’s camera. It is this disc with recognizable patterns that is used for tracking and linking virtual content to your real world environment. If the app is not locating and tracking the White Target Marker, you may lift up the disc and bring it closer or further away from your smartphone, try moving around, or finding better light conditions etc. until your phone can track the image. This will be made evident when AR content appears to hover above the White Target Marker.

If you read the tutorial text in the app, you now know that the blue dot in the center of your view is your ‘pointer’. This is used to interact with virtual objects in augmented reality. Now point the ‘pointer’ at the center red circle which should be hovering on top of the White Target Marker. If you can do this you may proceed through the rest of the tutorial. You now know how to interact in AR.

If you cannot progress past the ‘please locate the white target marker screen’ then exit the experience/app. If you find yourself in this position please take a look at the FAQ.