Aryzon Space Edition

Experience the space like never before! With the headset you can project 3D holograms in AR. View space themed holograms as if it's the future.

The space pack

This limited edition of the Aryzon Headset is all about space! View models of astronauts, planets, aliens, and spaceships in AR. Project them as holograms in your real world environment with the headset and explore the galaxy.

  1. Fold the Aryzon Headset.

  2. Download 'Aryzon AR Studio' and unlock the exclusive content with your coupon code.

  3. Enjoy hundreds of models in Augmented Reality through the headset!

This limited edition gives you free acces to 18 exclusive space 3D models.

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What's in the space pack?

The Aryzon Headset

Your device to project holograms

AR Studio Premium (app)

Acces to the premium features of AR Studio with your unique coupon code

Exclusive space content

Unlock the space edition with 18 exclusive 3D models

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"Bought it as a present for a Star Wars fan. He loved it."

John Doe

"It’s amazing how futuristic the models look in the Aryzon headset. Just awesome!"

John Doe

Example AR content


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