Aryzon app (+ Google Poly integration)

The Aryzon App is your starting point. Here you can find the folding manual to assemble your headset, & calibrate your smartphone.

In the App you will find the latest updates, including new app releases and SDK updates.

Download the Aryzon App now, by clicking the link below.

Aryzon AR APP
Aryzon AR App Folding Manual
Aryzon AR App Calibration
Aryzon Sushigame
Aryzon AR Minigames

AR Minigames

The Aryzon Minigames App includes a set of entertaining minigames to experience 3D Augmented Reality right away!

The following games are included:

  • What the Sushi

  • Multi-Maze

  • X-Fighter

  • Subventure

Plane Aryzon
Aryzon Model Importer 3D APP

Model Importer

The 3D AR Model Importer lets you upload your very own 3D models and view them in Augmented Reality.

You can attach your models to the Aryzon marker, or use ARCore/ARKit to experience your 3D models as holographic images in your real world-environment.

Apps made by the Aryzon community

Pianoboard - by Serge

Put on your CardBoard or Aryzon headset and plug in the MIDI keyboard!
It's a play time - with PianoBoard you can dust off your piano and perform your favorite songs!

Print a tracking image, put it above the piano keyboard and learn fast - no need to switch between score and instrument any more - the song will be always before your very eyes.

Download (Android)
Pianoboard Aryzon

Develop your own app

Aryzon has its own SDK which enables all you developers out there to create your own Aryzon-compatible content. We highly stimulate you to check it out and experience the easiness of developing your very own 3D Augmented Reality content.

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