Market your brand with Augmented Reality

The fully customly brandable plug & play-headset allows you to leave a memorable impact on every occasion.
Show custom digital content, specifically designed to address your targeted audience.

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Next level stargazing with augmented reality.

In collaboration with National Geographic, we created world's first open air augmented reality planetarium, "ObservEtoiles".

Combining the technology of several cutting-edge companies from around the globe, this innovative new activity is sure to be one of the most novel and intriguing additions to Canadian tourism.

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use case

Make education fun by adding a dimension

Augmented reality not only makes education more fun, it also significantly increases understanding of pupils in their learning tasks. These tasks may vary in learning children and young adults the basics of science or physics, but AR may also help trainees to get better insights during their trainings.

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Get your business trial package.

The Aryzon business trial package includes 5 headsets with everything you need to test, explore and discover the possibilities of AR within your company.

The package is available for €99 ($119), excl. VAT & shipping.

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