I am seeing double - Setting up your interpupillary distance (IPD)

If you are asking yourself why you are seeing double, it is because everyone has a different IPD value. This is the distance between the pupils of your eyes. By default this distance is set at 6.3 cm.

If you are seeing the AR content double or offset, you can change the IPD settings during the AR experience. First remove your smartphone carefully from the Aryzon headset. Hold your phone horizontally and you will see the Aryzon logo at the bottom center of your screen. Tap this logo (1).

This is the developers menu, now tap ‘Advanced Settings’, this will bring you to the calibration page (2).

Screen Width: This is the width of your smartphone screen in cm, you can check this either by manually measuring your screen width, or looking it up online. Alternatively tapping ‘Reset Screen Width’ will reset the value to what your smartphone’s native screen width is.

Towards/Out: This value dictates the IPD setting, by default it should read 0.0 cm. If you are seeing double, you can add or subtract 0.1 cm from this value to adapt the software to your unique IPD (3). The only way to test if you have the correct IPD settings is by trial and error, alter your IPD then exit the menu (by tapping the logo) then place your smartphone in the Aryzon and look at the AR

content. If you feel the effect resolving itself keep heading in that direction by small increments. If the effect becomes worse, head the other way.

Left/Right: This is the horizontal offset value created by the location of your smartphone camera, these can be altered manually or via the ‘Smartphone Calibration’ menu. It is strongly advised that these settings not be altered.

Up/Down: This is the vertical offset value created by the location of your smartphone camera, these can be altered manually or via the ‘Smartphone Calibration’ menu. It is strongly advised that these settings not be altered.

(1) - Tap the logo in the bottom center

(2) - Tap Advanced Settings

(3) - Towards/Out: dictates the IPD value

Why is my model not visible in ar?

There are multiple reasons why your model may not be visible in AR.

- First, make sure that the White Target Marker (found in the Aryzon Kit) is in full view of your rear facing smartphone camera. This means that the White Target Marker should be well lit, and your camera’s view is unobstructed. You can move around the marker, or pick up the marker and move it closer and further from your camera until the tracking algorithm recognizes the target pattern. Take care not to cover your smartphone camera with your fingers.

- The Aryzon headset works best indoors under regular lighting conditions. The AR experience will be hindered by overlit environments including outdoors on sunny days or over lit work areas. A cozy living room environment is the ideal place to experience and immerse yourself into 3D AR.

- The Aryzon App makes use of the White Target Marker. The dark shaded marker should be kept in a safe place, the idea behind this marker is to create more content and to expand the possibilities that developers have. Dual marker content is on it’s way, and will require the dark marker image.

Does the aryzon headset support my smartphone model?

Aryzon supports basically every modern smartphone on the market. Specifcally any OS running Android 4.4 or higher and IOS v9 and above.

However, there are some exceptions. The following smartphones are not compatible with Aryzon:
- Nexus X5 - (Due to camera issues)
- All Windows phones running microsoft’s OS.

Special note: a hardware gyroscope is required for gravity based games and other AR interactions. However this is not a requirement for the Aryzon experience.

How does the aryzon demo app work?

An elaborate user guide for the Aryzon Demo app is provided in the USER GUIDE MANUAL-section. Click this link to be redirected to the User Guide Manual-section.