How can I get the ARyzon Headset - What countries are available?

The Aryzon 3D AR Headset kit is available from multiple Retailers and Web-shops.

1 | Aryzon - The official designer, manufacturer, retailer & software developer.

Want to retail the Aryzon headset via your web-shop or drop-shipping business, please email us at

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Where can I find apps for the headset?

The Aryzon 3D AR Headset can be used with a few applications. In order to experience these applications in the correct way, you are first required to download and install our 'Aryzon' App on your smartphone. This app allows you to calibrate your Headset & Smartphone, it will also provide a short tutorial on how to interact and use Augmented Reality.


1 | The Aryzon App - iOS Download - Android Download
         Includes: Folding instructions, Calibration, & AR Tutorial
Required: Aryzon Target Marker

2 | AR 3D Model Viewer - iOS Download - Android Download
         Includes: ARKit Marker-less Tracking, 2D and 3D View style available, over 30+ supported           file types are importable, including Sketch-fab & Google Poly models.

3 | Multi-Maze - iOS Download
          Includes: Progressively difficult levels & Gravity based AR interaction.
          Required: Aryzon Target Marker

4 | Aryzon Mini Games - Android Download
          Includes: 4x Mini Games: What The Sushi, Desk-Fighter, Multi-Maze, Subventure. Arcade           style AR gameplay, ARCore Functionality COMING SOON.


1 | RealAR Places - iOS Download
          Description "Realar™ brings new homes to life. Using Augmented Reality off-the-plan           buying has been re-imagined." ARKit Functionality - marker-less tracking.
Made By: StartInno Ventures Pty Ltd

2 | PianoBoard - Android Download
          Description: It's a play time - with PianoBoard you can dust off your piano and perform            your favorite songs!

3 | DANCE REALITY AR! - COMING SOON - Learn how to dance with your very own virtual instructor.

4 | Star Chart AR - In partnership with National Geographic and ObserveEtoiles - Only Available on-site in the worlds first Open Air Augmented Reality Planetarium. Located in Canada, for more information click here.

What Smartphones are SupporteD?

Supported Smartphone Models:

ARKit: iOS 11+ and A9, A10 or A11 Chipset.
- Every iPhone since the iPhone 6s is supported. This includes the iPhone SE.

ARCore: Detailed List -
- Asus - Select Models Only
- Google - Select Models Only
- Nokia - Select Models Only
- Huawei - Select Models Only
- LG - Select Models Only
- Motorola - Select Models Only
- One Plus - Select Modles Only
- Samsung - Select Models Only
- Sony - Select Models Only
- Xiaomi - Select Models Only

Disclaimer: Some applications are specifically developed for certain devices. ARKit apps will only work with ARKit supported Smartphones. ARCore apps will only work with ARCore supported smartphones.

If your phone is listed above, you can use the Aryzon 3D AR Headset. :)