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Scalable & affordable AR/MR headset.

Enhance your world with volumetric Augmented Reality


A woman looking through the Aryzon 3D augmented reality headset and pointing at what she is seeing.

Excite your imagination with Volumetric Augmented Reality.

With the Aryzon headset we want to disrupt the existing market of AR/MR devices by offering an affordable alternative. With this headset, we aim to make 3D Augmented & Mixed Reality available for everyone who owns a smartphone to develop, experience and enjoy.

Every developer and VR/AR Studio can now create scalable volumetric Augmented & Mixed Reality applications without the need of expensive devices like the Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap. But also connecting multiple Aryzon Headsets to for instance the HoloLens is one of the possibilities making the application scalable.

AR/MR Headsets

Aryzon Original


The original Aryzon AR/MR Headset

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Hands-free


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Aryzon 3D Print MR


3D-Print your own Aryzon headset!

  • Sturdy

  • DIY

  • Hands-free


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Combo deal

Original AR Headset + Aryzon Pop-Up



For all Aryzon AR/MR Headsets

AR Studio

View thousands of 3D models in AR

Aryzon app

Everything you need to start with the Aryzon headset

AR minigames

Beat the highscore!

Aryzon Unity SDK

Start developing mind blowing 3D augmented reality applications yourself! Create apps to let others explore your content and entertain them with the magic of volumetric Augmented Reality! Be the creator yourself!

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Custom branded headsets
Tell visual stories for your business

3D augmented reality allows you to convey your message in a way that customers will remember. It does not have to be expensive either, it is an investment in yourself and company!

A man using the Aryzon headset, holding the Aryzon marker in his left hand. A 3D Augmented Reality model of the earth appears on the marker.
The moon revolving around the earth in 3D augmented reality
A 3D augmented reality human body model where the muscles are visible. The model is lying on an operating table.
An exploded view of a Lego spaceship in 3D augmented reality.