Excite your imagination with Mixed Reality

With the Aryzon headsets, we aim to make spatial Augmented & Mixed Reality available for everyone to develop, experience and enjoy.


Join the future of education

Aryzon is a portable headset that you insert your smartphone into in order to display stereoscopic Augmented Reality.

With all the XR platforms upcoming, sometimes an affordable and scalable solution to view it in 3D is required.



Aryzon MR Original


The original Aryzon AR/MR Headset

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Hands-free

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Aryzon 3D Print MR


3D-Print your own Aryzon headset!

  • Sturdy

  • DIY

  • Hands-free

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Combo deal

Original AR Headset + Aryzon Pop-Up


Get started with Mixed Reality


The low-/no-coding XR platform.
Shape the World of Learning Together.


Start developing mind blowing augmented reality applications yourself in Unity.

Aryzon AR Studio

View quickly thousands of (your own) 3D models in MR with our old AR Studio app!

Tell visual stories for your business

3D augmented reality allows you to convey your message in a way that customers will remember. It does not have to be expensive either, it is an investment in yourself and company!

The moon revolving around the earth in 3D augmented reality
A 3D augmented reality human body model where the muscles are visible. The model is lying on an operating table.
An exploded view of a Lego spaceship in 3D augmented reality.