Let's 3D print...

Join The Future, 3D print your Aryzon

The Aryzon 3D Print MR headset is obviously more sturdy than the Aryzon Original and the best of it, you can print your own Aryzon MR headset!

When ordering this DIY kit you can download the 3D print models and while waiting for the material kit to arrive, you can already start printing!

Supported Smartphones

Alternatively Test your Phones VR / AR Capabilities via:


*Printer should have print bed dimensions of min. 19,5 x 19,5 cm.

€ 25,-

What do you need from your side:

  • Access to 3D printer*
  • 3D print material
  • Some knowledge about 3D printing
  • Enthusiasm

What is included in the material kit:

  • Qualitative visor and mirror
  • Sharp Fresnel lens
  • Comfortable Headstrap
  • Head foam cushion

Hard- & Software features

Aryzon Affordable

Our goal is to make Mixed Reality accessible to anyone. Therefore we aim to keep the price as low as possible


The headset supports all phones that allow to run ARKit & ARCore

Aryzon SDK

The Aryzon Software Development Kit is completely free and open-source

Aryzon Headstrap

The headset comes with a nice headstrap that makes sure that you're free to move around without all the hassle

Aryzon Foam Cushion

A foam cushion offers comfort to your face while you can enjoy your AR experience

Aryzon Model Importer

Aryzon's AR Studio app let's you import your own models so you can view them in the volumetric 3D space!