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Do you want to use AR to expand your business horizons? Aryzon's cost-effective cardboard headset can be used to communicate any idea, concept, model & much more!

Use the headset as the most innovative marketing tool during events, expo's and fairs! Let your customers enjoy, not only your uniquely branded headset, but also your company-specific apps to sell your vision, ideas & products. We offer full-color HD custom branding... Revolutionize the way you sell!

Want to see if Aryzon is suitable for your business? Receive a business trial package for just €99! This package includes 5 Aryzon Headsets with everything you need to test, explore and discover the possibilities with the headset. You can request this package by filling out the form below. Please fill in your company's details and state for what purpose you want to use the headset and we will get in touch!.

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We partnered up with
National Geographic

We're very proud to announce our recent collaboration with National Geographic. The Aryzon headset is used to overlay holographic images of our solar system over the real-world-appearance of the nightsky. Click to see more.

Aryzon Branding Companies

Brand your headset

For businesses we offer the possibility to custom brand the Aryzon headset for your company. Our holistic design approach puts your company's graphical style first, creating a unique headset just for you!

  • Full Color CMYK Printing.

  • High Quality Laminated finishing.

  • Volume variable pricing.


Aryzon Business

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