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The Aryzon Kit is filled with all the key elements you need to step into a new reality. For the true 3D Augmented Reality experience, the headset is provided with:

  • Flat Packed Headset
  • Comfort Foam Cushion
  • Comfortable Headstrap
  • Open Source SDK

Via the App-/ Play Store you have direct access to tailor-made apps like the 3D AR Model Importer App, Aryzon Google Poly Integration and the Aryzon Mini-games. The SDK also allows you to create your own content.

Supported Smartphones

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An exploded view of the Aryzon augmented reality headset

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Hard- & Software features

Aryzon FOV

The Field of View of the headset is 35° x 20°, which means that it's slightly better than the FOV of the Microsoft Hololens (30° x 17°)


The headset supports all phones that allow to run ARKit & ARCore

Aryzon SDK

The Aryzon Software Development Kit is completely free and open-source

Aryzon Headstrap

The headset comes with a nice headstrap that makes sure that you're free to move around without all the hassle

Aryzon Foam Cushion

A foam cushion offers comfort to your face while you can enjoy your AR experience

Aryzon Hand Gesture

The combination of the headstrap and the foam cushion empower a handsfree experience

Aryzon Google Poly

The Aryzon App has Google Poly integration as a built-in feature, which allows you to directly import any Poly model into the scene

Aryzon Affordable

Our goal is to make 3D AR accessible to anyone. Therefore we aim to keep the price as low as possible

Aryzon Model Importer

Aryzon's 3D AR Model Importer App let's you import your own models so you can view them in 3D AR.

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Improvements of the Aryzon augmented reality headset