The Consumer Technology Association (CES) conference and exhibition took place recently in Las Vegas, from 9 to 12 January. At the event Aryzon proudly presented, under the auspices of StartUpDelta and its patron H.R.H. Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, the Aryzon Augmented Reality Cardboard Headset. Through this product Aryzon is aiming to make 3D Augmented Reality technology more accessible to the market and contribute to the development of 3D AR applications. The Aryzon Cardboard Headset costs a fraction of the price a HoloLens to produce - and is used in combination with a smartphone.

When used with Cadac Modules Suite it is also possible to view BIM-projects on your smartphone, enabling you to visualise your model using the Aryzon Cardboard Headset. At the moment, the model is placed by means of ‘markers’, using a construction drawing or QR code.  However, we are currently developing add-ons that will soon become available so that you can view your BIM model on a smartphone or tablet without markers, e.g. using the Apple and Google toolkits. 

There is often a whole host of documentation and design software associated with a project. This results in a multiplicity of 3D models, 2D drawings and documents, for both internal and external stakeholders, that is difficult to manage and keep sight of. Cadac Modules Project gives you an intuitive and accessible cloud platform for your BIM-projects, in which all stakeholders can view the required information, irrespective of the program being used. It is all supported by and made available through a web browser, the HoloLens and now through your smartphone and Aryzon Cardboard Headset, wherever and whenever you want. 

About Aryzon

Aryzon is a startup based in Twente that launched a highly successful crowd funding project in May of last year via the Kickstarter platform. In this Kickstarter project they put forward a concept for an Augmented Reality headset made of cardboard to enable affordable 3D Augmented Reality. Their success in gaining funding through the Kickstarter project meant they have been able to develop their concept further such that you now have the option, at a fraction of the price of the HoloLens, to show your clients your models through the world of Augmented Reality. Personalising your Cardboard Headset opens up even more potential for using 3D Augmented Reality within your company!

About Cadac Group

In your industry, you are constantly striving for greater efficiency, especially for the complex design processes in your field of expertise. In these cases, you want to rely on the market knowledge of industry experts. With us, you can benefit from more than 30 years of experience in creating, managing, and sharing your digital design information. Our solutions link your design software to the technology for the management of the process and the sharing of documents. This makes your design process faster and more efficient. Cadac Group is a Platinum partner of Autodesk and Microsoft Partner.

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