Learning how to properly insert a needle into major veins of the upper torso and neck is no easy task. That is why frequent training is mandatory, preferably when those first tries can be performed on a medical dummy.

Together with the Simulation Center at the Hospital da Luz (Portugal), researchers of the University of Lisbon augmented the training space of a simulator (dummy, needle and syringe) with useful information such as internal 3D anatomy, the target point, desired needle inclination, position and orientation. Aryzon's cardboard Mixed Reality headset proved to be acost-friendly solution that is very reliable and can complement conventional training settings.  

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Scientific paper:

Authors: H.C.M. Mendes (a), C.I.A.B. Costa (b), N.A. da Silva (b), F.P.Leite (b), A. Esteves (a,c), D.S. Lopes (a,d)
(a) Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
(b) Hospital da Luz Learning Health, Luz Saúde, Lisboa, Portugal
(c) ITI / LARSyS, Portugal
(d) INESC-ID Lisboa, Portugal

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